Human, Veterinary, Environmental

AI for Predictive Health

Automate Data Science & AI Processes

HK3 Lab develops research assets for the new season of AI, where the availability of predictive models is vital for any organization, from corporates to public agencies and individuals.

  • Expertise based on > 20 years of international research in machine learning, including highly cited papers in deep learning, predictive biomarkers and model reproducibility
  • Developing a proprietary platform for deep learning model synthesis and marketplace
  • H3K Lab provides solutions & consulting services in machine learning, data science and their applications
  • New solutions for predictive modeling with transfer learning and model distillation, on complex data patterns, including multimodal health data (e.g. omics, bioimaging, EHRs), time series and geospatial data

Model data trajectories from multimodal data

Discover the hidden states behind complex data trajectories, e.g. the evolution of individual health trajectories, by integrating all sources of digital information. With reproducibility !

  • Strafication of patients and patients's trajectories
  • Early detection of disease, by the synthesis of the richest integration of information, substituting invasive, later diagnostics with timely non-invasive tests

Grow Societies of models

A marketplace of models, connecting the most unique data by our collaborators with the largest collections of public massive data

  • Unique expertise in model distillation

Model Development & Synthesis

HK3 Lab’s core product is a software framework for model development and synthesis of Deep Learning models, completed by statistical baselines and other machine learning methods.

Data Analysis Plans
Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Model Distillation
ML as a (cloud) Service
Data Science Automation
Diagnostic & Prognostic Models
On line Interaction with model & data
Deep Learning training
Professional Scientific Reporting
AI for novel high-throughput techs